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The OG: Le Monstre Vert

This Green Monster is my original gravel and road dynamo. She's a Surly Crosscheck. I've had other bikes but this bike made me a roadie and commuter.  It's a beast.  This pic shows her doing what she did best in my previous life, haul good beer and work gear.  Here she was hauling something from the LCBO while I completed field research for my dissertation in Ottawa.

She also used to carry a child seat until my kid got too heavy to make a steel-frame bike on hills seem "fun"  I still hit the trails with her and occasionally commute but she's become more of a day-touring rig when I get some time alone.

The Minivan: Edith Piaf

Edith is my newest addition.  She is a Turbo Como 3 by Specialized.  When I got serious about commuting this year and realized taking a new job would make my commute substantially more hilly and strenuous, I agreed an e-bike really needed to happen. I struggled to find an e-bike that matched my small stature and met all of my other needs.  I needed something to haul a 40 lb kid, groceries, and to take me to and from work without needing to change.  And I have a 12-mile (round trip) commute so that's no easy feat.  I call her my minivan and will take her for rides up to 30-40 miles without issue.  She is the cadillac of bikes and has truly become our second car and kid-hauler.

Beer Hauled by Surly Crosscheck
Turbo Como 3 parked
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