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I'm a 30-something mom of an active toddler working full-time and fitting in my bike rides around my busy schedule. My bikes are my gym, my freedom, and my sanity.  Cycling connects me to nature, to my community, and keeps me healthy.

As a former road cyclist, it's been a challenge finding my "place" back in the world of bikes but I've embraced new ways of cycling over time.  You can see my bikes here.  My bikes are my second car.  We are a decidedly one-car family and loving it.  It's challenged me to be more active and resourceful, as a result.  It's also helping the planet!

I've started this blog because I wanted to share our travels and adventures-by-bike with the world.  I started blogging about motherhood and feminism on a past blog but am finding that as much as I enjoy talking about fighting the patriarchy, I'm enjoying being That Bike Mom more.  And don't worry, my daughter and I are still working to fight the patriarchy.  We're doing it by bike.

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